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Invitation to Tender
  • Post Date: February 23, 2024
Job Description






(1.1) Abaji Area Council, hereinafter referred to as “the Authority”, a Local Government Council in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, is desirous of executing her FY2024 Capital Projects. In compliance with the Public Procurement Act, 2007, the Authority hereby invites interested, experienced and competent Contractors to submit bids for the implementation of the following projects:


(2.1)       The Scope of Works/Services are categorized and packaged into LOTs as shown in the table below:

LOT 1 Construction of 1.4km Earth Road, Surface Dressing, Drainage and complete with Asphalt Overlay at Kekeshi Village, Abaji.
LOT 2 Construction of 1.3km Earth Road, Drainage, Surface Dressing and complete with Asphalt Overlay at Low-Cost Housing (Angulu Bello Street), Abaji
LOT 3 Construction of 50No. Solar Powered Boreholes within the 10 Wards of the Council
LOT 4 Construction of ICT Centre at Abaji.
LOT 5 Construction/Furnishing of a Block of 8 Classrooms (Story Building), Abaji
LOT 6 Lighting of Communities with All-in-One Solar Powered Street Light with High Breed Lunar and 60 Watt LED Light across the 10 Wards of the Council
LOT 7 Construction of Perimeter Fence at Proposed Site for Cattle Market, Abaji
LOT 8 Construction of New Town Hall at Abaji
LOT 9 Construction of Police Station at Yaba Town, Abaji
LOT 10 Purchase of 1 No Hilux Vehicle
LOT 11 Purchase of 1 No Ambulance Vehicle
LOT 12 Purchase of 2 No of Flying Boats
LOT 13 Purchase of Vehicles for Government-Graded Traditional Rulers in the Council:

1 No 2018 Model Toyota Prado for Ona of Abaji

1 No 2010 Model Highlander for Etsu Yaba

LOT 14 Furnishing and Equipping of an 80-Bed Mother and Child Hospital at Abaji Main Town
LOT 15 Purchase of Fertilizers for Farmers in the Council
LOT 16 Establishment of Slaughter House at Yaba and Gawu, Abaji
LOT 17 Establishment of New Cattle Market at Phase 2, Abaji
LOT 18 Construction of Double-Cell Box Culvert along Agyana-Pandagi Road, Abaji
LOT 19 Rehabilitation of Rural Feeder Roads within the 10 Wards of the Council
LOT 20 Procurement of 5No. Transformers
LOT 21 Construction of Additional Office Block within the Area Council Secretariat, Abaji
LOT 22 Construction of Trapezoidal Drainage along Late Alh. Sale Ashafa Access Road, Abaji



(a)  Evidence of Certificate of Incorporation issued by Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) including Form CAC1.1 or CAC2 and CAC7

(b)  Evidence of Company’s Income Tax Clearance Certificate (or Personal Income Tax Clearance Certificates of all Partners in Business Name) for the last three (3) years (2021, 2022 & 2023) valid till 31st December, 2024;

(c)  Evidence of Pension Clearance Certificate valid till 31st December, 2024 (this requirement is only applicable to bidders whose number of staff is 15 and above);

(d)   Evidence of Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Compliance Certificate valid till 31st December, 2024 (this requirement is only applicable to bidders whose number of staff is 5 and above or the bidder’s annual turnover is N50m and above);

(e)  Evidence of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) Clearance Certificate valid till 31st December, 2024.

(f)    Evidence of Registration on the National Database of Federal Contractors, Consultants and Service Providers by submission of Interim Registration Report (IRR) expiring on 31st  December, 2024 or valid Certificate issued by BPP;

(g)  Sworn Affidavit

(i)   Disclosing whether or not any Officer/Staff of Abaji Area Council or the Bureau of Public Procurement is a former or present Director, shareholder or has any pecuniary interest in the bidder and to confirm that all information presented in its bid are true and correct in all particulars;

(ii)  That no Director has been convicted in any Country for any criminal offence relating to fraud or financial impropriety or criminal misrepresentation or falsification of facts relating to any matter;

(iii)  That the Company is not in receivership, the subject of any form of insolvency or bankruptcy proceedings or the subject of any form of winding up petition or proceedings;

(iv)  That the Company does not have existing loan or financial liability with a bank, other financial institution or third party that is classified as doubtful, non-performance, bad or whose repayment portion has been outstanding for the last four (4) months;

(h)  Company’s Audited Accounts for the last three (3) years – 2021, 2022 & 2023;

(i)  Reference Letter from a reputable Commercial Bank in Nigeria, indicating willingness to provide credit facility for the execution of the project when needed;

(j)  Company’s Profile with the Curriculum Vitae of Key Staff to be deployed for the project, including copies of their Academic/Professional qualifications such as COREN. QSRBN, ARCON, CORBON etc;

(k)  Verifiable documentary evidence of at least three (3) similar jobs executed in the last five (5) years Including Letters of Awards, Valuation Certificates, Job Completion Certificates and Photographs of the projects;

(l)  Works: List of Plants/Equipment with proof of Ownership/Lease Agreement;

(m) Electricity Jobs: Evidence of current Licence issued by Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA);

(n)  All documents for submission must be transmitted with a Covering/Forwarding letter under the Company/Firm’s Letter Head Paper bearing amongst others, the Registration Number (RC) as issued by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Contact Address, Telephone Number (preferably GSM No.), and e-mail address. The Letterhead Paper must bear the Names and Nationalities of the Directors of the Company at the bottom of the page, duly signed by the authorized officer of the firm.


(4.1) Interested companies/bidders are to collect the Bidding Document (BD) from the OFFICE of DIRECTOR OF WORKS, ABAJII AREA COUNCIL SECRETARIAT, ABAJI, ABUJA, FCT on presentation of evidence of payment of a NON-REFUNDABLE tender fee of N100,000.00 per Lot, paid in BANK DRAFT to Abaji Area Council from any Commercial Bank in Nigeria.


(5.1) Prospective bidders are to submit two (2) hard copies each for technical and financial bids with softcopy of the financial bid only in MS-Excel format; packaged separately in sealed envelopes and marked as “Technical Bid” or “Financial Bid”. Thereafter, put the two sealed envelopes together in a bigger envelope and clearly marked with the name of the project and the Lot number at the top right corner. Furthermore, the reverse side of each sealed envelope should bear the name and address of the bidder and dropped in the designated Tender Box not later than 12:00 noon 4 April, 2024.

(5.2) Each sealed envelope of bidders should be addressed to:




(5.3)  This should be delivered and receipted for at the Department of Works and dropped in the designated Tender Box in the  Conference Hall, Abaji Area Council Secretariat, Abaji, Abuja, FCT.


(6.1)   Bid documents will be opened immediately after the deadline for submission (i.e 04 April 2024) in the Council Conference Hall, Abaji Area Council Secretariat, Abaji, Abuja, FCT

(6.2)  Bidders should please ensure that they sign the Bid Submission Register in the OFFICE of DIRECTOR OF WORKS, ABAJI AREA COUNCIL SECRETARIAT, ABAJI, ABUJA FCT.  Note that, Abaji Council will not be held for misplaced or wrongly submitted bids.


(a)  Bids must be in English Language and signed by an Official authorized by the bidder;

(b) The authorized official shall be introduced to the Authority by a Letter of Authority duly signed by the Director and Secretary of the Company;

(c) Bids submitted after the deadline for submission would be returned un-opened

(d)  Bidders should not bid for more than three (3) Lots, violators shall be disqualified from all the lots;

(e)  All costs will be borne by the bidders;

(f)  The Bids will be opened in the presence of Bidders or their representatives and other interested members of the general public.

(g) The Abaji Area Council is not bound to pre-qualify/shortlist any bidder and reserved the right to annul the Procurement process at any time without incurring liabilities in accordance with Section 28 of the Public Procurement Act, 2007.